Veska Koleva was raised in the town of Kazanlak. Since 1990 she has been living near the Troyan Monastery, in the village of Oreshak. She studies woodcarving at the Professional High School of Forestry and Woodworking in the town of Teteven, and later she graduates from the University of Sofia, in Theology. This influences her growth as a woodcarver. She advances in the craft and her style is ecclesiastical carving of the National Revival period.


She completes her Master’s degree in the Russian Institute St. Sergius in Paris with a thesis in Christian Arts. During her studies she completes two iconostases – one for the Russian Orthodox church in Chaville, near Versailles, and the second in Normandy, France.


In Bulgaria she has completed an iconostasis for the winter chapel at Rojen monastery, a bilateral arch in the Faculty of Theology and a proskynetarion at St. St. Constantine and Helen church in Plovdiv. Recently she completed a proskynetarion for the church at the Troyan monastery.


She takes part in various woodcarving exhibitions in Italy, France, and Bulgaria.


She teaches religion and woodcarving.